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BNI Adria d.o.o.
Verovškova ulica 55
1000 Ljubljana

Phone +386 590 34 590

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Jernej Pirc. M.Sc. MBA, National Director, +386 590 34 590, Send Message
mag. Brigita H. Pirc, National Director, +386 590 34 590, Send Message
Irena Jelen, National Admin, 0 590 34 590, Send Message
   BNI ADRIA      

   mag. Jernej Pirc, MBA
   National Director BNI Adria



  BNI Zagreb East

  BNI Zagreb West   BNI Slavonija   BNI Slavonija

   Dace Ulste
   Executive Director

   Dominik Crkvenćić
   Executive Director

   Darius Heinbach
   Executive Director
   Balint Juhas
   Executive Director

   BNI Istra


   Boris Korošak
   Executive Director




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